About Us

The Founder:

Phillip and Tricia recognized the need to introduce Caribbean flavored food to the diverse groups of the Floridian population it serves. Founder of Global innovative Marketing Solutions, they recognized the lack of Caribbean cuisine in major malls throughout south Florida and therefore decided to introduce the brand Jerk Grill Express. The rest is history!

Mission and Vision

Jerk Grill Express is a fast food restaurant dedicated to provide high quality Caribbean cuisine
to the diverse communities in the United States of America. We trained our staff to able to
serve and be sensitive to a highly complex and diverse society.
Jerk Grill Express will be a leader in the restaurant industry seeking to transform our evolving
society. We will be a model restaurant that will contribute to improve the decision-making
process at local, and national levels, in multicultural environments, thus promoting the taste of
some of the best Caribbean food that is often not known by a wider public outside of the